Bits of Ribbon and Lace


A little Darcy and a bit of Lizzy combined with a vivid imagination.

Sometimes a seamstress or a milliner requires just a little bit of something, a snippet of ribbon or of lace, to make a project complete. This little book is just that for readers: small snippets of story, all in different sizes, designed to fill a few minutes between appointments or before bed. Intended to be enjoyed over and over, they will hit the sweet spot you are looking for. Some are modern and some are Regency, but all feature the wonderful characters Jane Austen created in Pride & Prejudice.

If you enjoy sweet romance, swoon-worthy heroes, and quick reads, Zoe Burton’s Bits of Ribbon and Lace is for you. Drop a copy in your purse today and enjoy these little escapes from the ordinary.

For $.99, you receive three files...a Kindle file, an EPub file, and a PDF file. They are yours to keep, forever. Send to Kindle and Dropbox both one click after purchase. Please note that all files must be side-loaded into your device, with the exception of Kindle devices.

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Bits of Ribbon and Lace

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